European Institute

Energy efficiency means using less energy for the same purpose. In other words, eliminating energy waste. It brings several benefits like greenhouse gas emission reduction, saving money in the household and enhancing the quality of life. For this purpose, we created an internship with several outcomes.


  • Takes measures to increase energy efficiency in lighting
  • Saves on electrical appliances in housing
  • Improves the energy efficiency of buildings in natural ways
  • Takes measures to increase energy efficiency in heating systems
  • Designs the compensation panel
  • Panel’s electrical project
  • Knows the effects of harmonics on compensation facilities
  • Monitors compensation in housing
  • Remote monitoring tracking system
  • Setting of remote monitoring tracking system
  • Knows individual compensation in housing
  • Knows group compensation in housing
  • Knows central compensation in housing
  • Reactive power control relay
  • Compensation contactor
  • Switch connection
  • Fuse connection
  • Insulator connection
  • Reactor connection
  • Compensating capacitor
  • Harmonic filter connection
  • Connection of the thyristor driver
  • Installing a panel cooling system
  • Installing a panel lighting system