European Institute

Working with elderly patients is challenging and rewarding. Patients age 65 years or older, which are hospitalized need special care and support. About 30% of elderly patient represents an acute care hospitalization and 50% of hospital expenditures. Different outcomes have significant medical, psychosocial and economic impact on individual patients and families as well. In healthcare system, the care of elderly patients must be approached within a specific knowledge. For that, we designed a specific traineeship on elderly patient care.

PROGRAM OF THE TRAINEESHIP (19.01.2020 – 02.02.2020)

1st Week:

  1. Make the patient/elderly sit on the edge of the bed
  2. Lifting the patient/elderly and make him/her walk
  3. Transfer the patient/elderly from bed to the chair/wheelchair
  4. Transfer the patient/elderly from chair/wheelchair to bed
  5. Transporting the patient or the elderly via stretcher

Weekend         Cultural Activities

2nd Week:

  1. Making the patient/elderly sit on the bed
  2. Rotating sick/elderly while s/he lying on the bed
  3. Ortopnea positioning sick/elderly on the bed
  4. Moving the sick/elderly up and down on the bed
  5. Making the sick/elderly lying on his/her back while s/he tilts

Weekend         Cultural Activities, Training Certificates and Return to Turkey

The program will take place in Vienna.