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We find the best partners for your Erasmus+ KA1 project from Austria.

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The Central European Education Institute (CETI) is an international training center in the field of vocational training.
We believe that learning should be accessible, engaging, tailored to the individual needs of the student and tailored to a specific student in the best possible way. Our goal is to help people reach their potential and improve their own lives by expanding their knowledge and skills through formal and non-formal educational opportunities.
CETI opens new doors and opportunities to provide education and help students acquire knowledge and develop their skills and competencies. In addition, CETI offers students internships in almost 100 fields.

About Us

Central European Training Institute (CETI) is a training center active in the field of vocational training at international level.
We believe that learning should be accessible, engaging, appropriate to the learner’s needs and student-centered in its approach. Our aim is to help people unlock their potential and improve their own lives by increasing their knowledge and skills through formal and informal educational opportunities.
CETI is specialised in the organization and coordination of EU-funded mobility, training courses and job shadowing projects. CETI Management Team supports European sending institutions in the implementation of learning and training projects and it takes care of the participants coming from abroad.
CETI is opening new doors to provide trainings and help learners acquire knowledge and develop skills and competencies.

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Finding a good and reliable partner is very crucial for Erasmus+ projects. Before finding a good partner in Austria, you should make a clear topic proposal. Because a good partner is relevant to your topic. After receiving a good topic proposal, our team studies it and starts contacting Austrian public and private institutions in order to arrange a meeting with the organization representatives on your behalf. We clearly explain the aim of the proposal along with the planned activities and present similar project led by our management team. It is free, easy and fast service to find the partner for your proposal.

Cultural Activities

Although you will be kept very busy during the Erasmus Plus Project, don’t forget to have some fun and learn more about the fascinating Austrian culture. With its long history and stunning art, Vienna is a city full of life and inspiration. You cannot help but fall in love with its amazing architecture, classical music, art and literature. The cultural richness of Vienna will certainly fill your time and make your stay here truly unforgettable. We will plan various activities for you such as:
– Walking tours
– Visiting Museums and Galleries.
– Visiting historical sites
– Visiting Opera House and attending a classical music concert

More about us

Our team has been working on Erasmus+ projects for over 10 years. In our company, mainly ambitious and young employees work as a well-coordinated team. As a Team we want to give young people opportunities to further evolve.
We have a lot of experience and know-how, which we were allowed to accumulate over the years working with international Partners.
The founder of CETI, has worked on his first Erasmus project in 2010 and since then has successfully completed more than 300 projects. He is supported by project managers who have many years of experience with the implementation of mobility projects and especially with Erasmus+.
In total, our team has given over 2000 young people from various Erasmus+ partner countries the opportunity to travel to Austria, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Czechia, Slovakia and Turkey. In the respective country then the possibility of an internship, training, job shadowing or participate in a course and successfully complete.

We recommend you to watch our short introduction video for who we are, what kind of work we do this kind of questions. For watch the video please click the youtube icon.

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