European Institute

Europe is one of the most popular areas for an internship in many fields. High education standards allow suitable approach in many fields like psychology or pre-school education. For this purpose, we designed a targeted training program for students, which are interested in pre-school education.

Several topics will be provided for students:

  • The students will be able to learn the necessary information such as preparation, environment and experience in order to make a good picture analysis
  • The students will be able to evaluate the results of analysis in parallel with both fine motor development and perceptual and mental development of children in preschool period according to certain age ranges
  • The students will be able to practice various game-building methods for pre-school children
  • The students will be able to rigorously determine the impact of environmental factors on child picture analysis, the materials to be presented to the child, and at the point of assessment, make the parents a part of this assessment

The program will take place in Vienna.