European Institute

Science and innovation are considered as the main driving forces behind growth and employment creation. These subjects play an important role in shaping industry and the economy in the last century. The European Union (EU) highlighted the need for innovation as a vehicle for a stable economic development. For this purpose, we designed a targeted training program to cover all the aspects of science and innovation focused on Europe.

PROGRAM OF THE TRAINEESHIP (20.01.2020 – 02.02.2020)

1st Week:

  1. Outdoor discovery: teacher-led student’s exploration of nature
  2. Outdoor knowledge and skills: improving student’s self-sufficiency skills
  3. Group dynamics skills and leadership: to teach the student to take responsibility and protect his / her friends
  4. Knowledge and skills of outdoor activities: to teach students basic life knowledge and skills in nature
  5. Security and well-being of the outdoors: providing students with the ability to act outdoors safely, risk awareness and decision-making

2nd Week:

  1. Environmental awareness: developing students’ outdoor observation skills, identifying sources of fear in nature and creating discussion environment
  2. Environmental management, conservation of nature: to give environmental awareness to students
  3. Environmental literacy: teaching the student how to read nature
  4. Health and outdoor: infusing students with the health benefits of nature through play, running, jumping and free body activities
  5. Outdoor training plan: Preparing a daily activity plan for Şanlıurfa and itssurroundings

The program will take place in Vienna.