European Institute

Banking and Finance: The course provides a solid education in finance, focusing on asset pricing, banking, and corporate finance. It’s open to business, economics, and other related fields’ graduates, as well as those with a science background.

Geoenergy Engineering: The program in Geoenergy Engineering builds on the Geoenergy Engineering Bachelor’s degree, focusing on sustainable underground energy use, including geotherrnal energy, energy storage, and transportation. It emphasizes interdisciplinary problem-solving and leadership skills for an international context.

Resource Extraction & Tunnel Construction: The program offers various specialized tracks: “Resource Extraction” covers mineral resource mining and land reclamation; “Geotechnics and Tunnel Construction” focuses on underground construction and geotechnical aspects; “Raw Materials and Energy Systems” explores energy resource extraction and utilization.

International Study Program in Petroleurn Engineering: International Study Program in Petroleum Engineering: The program in Petroleum Engineering offers advanced studies in line with Anglo-American standards, allowing students to specialize in Drilling Engineering or Petroleum Production Engineering (production systems, field lifespan extension, geothermal energy).

Material Science: The course offers diverse tasks including research, material development, testing, and consultation. Industries like steel, automotive, aerospace, electronics, and more benefit from their expertise.

Mechanical Engineering: The program offers a comprehensive perspective from concept to final product, providing practical and scientific expertise in areas like development, design, manufacturin& automation, mechatronics, and heavy machinery.

Industrial Management and Business Administration: The prograrn develops a holistic view of economic challenges and creative problem-solving skills. It teaches practical methods, theories, and research-oriented approaches in economics and business studies, enhancing cornpetencies to tackle real-world business tasks.

Industrial Logistics: The course offers diverse specialization options including Logistics Management, Computational Optirnization, Automation, and Logistics Systems Engineering.