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Information and Communication Technologies – ICT

Information and communication technologies is a broad term which includes the internet, wireless networks, cell phones, computers, software, video-conferencing, social networking and other media applications enabling users to access, receive, transmit and manipulate information in a digital form. ICT enables the distribution of vast information to a large audience in a short and easy way. […]


Banking and Finance: The course provides a solid education in finance, focusing on asset pricing, banking, and corporate finance. It’s open to business, economics, and other related fields’ graduates, as well as those with a science background. Geoenergy Engineering: The program in Geoenergy Engineering builds on the Geoenergy Engineering Bachelor’s degree, focusing on sustainable underground […]


Communication is the vital process of exchanging information, thoughts, ideas, or feelings between individuals or groups. It’s the foundation of human interaction and the means by which we convey our thoughts, express emotions, and collaborate effectively. In this course, students will learn: Communication Science: The goal is to educate graduates capable of addressing current societally […]

IT Science

IT science

In an era defined by technology, Information Technology (IT) science emerges as the driving force behind our digital age. But what exactly is IT science? At its core, IT science is the systematic study and application of computer systems, software, and networks to solve complex problems, streamline processes, and enable seamless communication. In this course, […]

Art of Crafting

Art of Crafting is a craft based Art course intended for the Art-lovers who are interested in the creative process, but not interested in the fine art aspect (drawing/painting). The course will focus on the crafts of various branches. Ceramic working, Patchwork technique, Leather working, Home-Deco’s. Course par-takers will learn about the art and craft […]

Game-based learning methods

In digital era, gaming is a fundamental learning method and should play an important role in teaching. Teachers have many possibilities to integrate game-based learning methods in their classrooms to enhance the educational experience of their students. Gamification on one hand is a well-established term in education that denotes the application of game elements to […]

Meeting In Czestochowa, Poland

CETI Team travelled to Poland to meet our partners and discuss the implementation of our joint project “Montessori Method in Teaching 2nd Language to Adults”. The participants spent two days, 20-21.9.2021 planning the upcoming activities and presenting the already achieved results. The principal goal of the project is to explore the potential of the Montessori […]

Short Term Student Exchange in Craiova, Romania

On September 14 2021, CETI team met our partners from the project “Let Equity Avoid Discrimination” in Craiova, Romania. The meeting was attended by teachers and students from Romania, Latvia, Turkey, Greece and Austria. During the 3 days of the program participants used games, student directed plays, debates and discussions to exchange experiences and ideas […]

Gamification and Game Based Learning Training Course Successfully Completed

Gamification and Game Based Learning

Between August 22 and 31.2021, 8 teachers from Nigde Abdulahamit Han middle school from Turkey took part in our Gamification and Game Based Learning course, as part of the project “Shall We Play a Game”. During the 7 day program, the participants exchanged experiences in using games in the classroom, learned about the development of […]

Sterilization of POCT Devices

Sterilization destroys all microorganisms on the surface of an article or in a fluid to prevent disease transmission associated with the use of that item. While the use of inadequately sterilized critical items represents a high risk of transmitting pathogens, documented transmissions of pathogens associated with an inadequately sterilized critical item are exceedingly rare. Medical […]